Irwin R. Karassik

was born in New York City on August 3, 1929.  He attended what was then known as the High School of Music and Art (‘46) in New York, majoring not in art, but in music, as a violinist.  Thereafter he graduated from Harvard College (‘50) and Harvard Law School (‘53).  After serving in the Army Signal corps., he began a successful  career in law, spanning a period of 46 years.  He continued to play the violin in amateur orchestral and chamber music ensembles in New York City, such as the Doctors’ Orchestral Society and the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble.  As he neared retirement, around 1995, and contemplated a move to Norwalk, Ct., he became increasingly beguiled with the opportunity presented to him to use his free time to return to an unfulfilled childhood aspiration to draw and paint.  To pursue this dream, he privately studied oil painting for several years with Marla Korr in New York.  In addition, he  attended workshops and courses, including the Silvermine School, Norwalk Community College, and The Hudson River Valley Art Workshops.  Painting in oils, he has endeavored to apply the techniques of the Old Masters and, recently, in both oils and pastels, he has attempted to recreate the excitement of contemporary sports. In another recent project, he has created oil paintings using but three hues, i.e., blue, sienna and white, to capture the emotional impact conveyed by the black and white photography of professional photographer Alex Pietersen (see, Black & White gallery).

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